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ATV Rental Booking Info

Call           to make a reservation! Credit/debit card info is required to hold a reservation. Feel free to send a detailed text for availability questions, or email             with any questions. We cannot solidify a reservation without screening our clients first over the phone - we take safety very seriously and like to make sure your group is a good fit for this type of adventure.

***All skill levels welcome. About 90% of our clients have never been on an ATV. However, trail riding at Walker Valley can be technical/challenging for some riders, depending on your comfort level.*** 

-What is Included in the Rental Rate

  • Unlimited miles.

  • Use of ATV for purchased time period.

  • Helmet with visors. (We have helmet sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL & XXXL). Please note our helmets are used and may have minor scratches on the visors. We sanitize all helmets with isopropyl alcohol.

  • Full tank of gas.

  • Licensed ORV equipment.

  • 30 minute operational & safety instruction + practice time and a detailed overview of the park map. Your ride time does not start until after the briefing (assuming you arrive on-time).

  • Trail support via call or text during your ride.

-Booking Terms/Payment/Cancellations

 Credit or debit card information is required at the time of booking.  This information is used only in the case of cancellation fee's. If all goes smooth and your group arrives on-time, we take payment upon arrival (along with the pre-authorization charge, see rates tab for details). Renters may all pay separately upon arrival if they wish. The deposit pre-authorization charge will be voided the same evening as your rental, assuming there are no damages. If there are damages, your deposit may be held for a few days. If you wish to do separate deposits, we can do so, but the individual deposit rate will be higher.


We don't often have last minute rental availability, but in the event that we do, we require pre-payment with reservations with 72-hours or less notice. We are a small family business and often have to move our personal obligations or repair shop duties around to accommodate last-minute reservations. Thank you for your understanding.


Prepayment is also required for Holiday weekends.


**Cancellations within 72-hours or less of scheduled booking will be charged the full amount for all riders. We may be flexible on this policy, depending on circumstances and whether we are running a wait-list or not.


Please be respectful of our time.  We expect our clients to arrive on-time for their reservation.  If anyone in your group does not arrive on-time, we will deduct that off the total ride time for the group. We run a very tight schedule and have repair pickups/dropoffs in between rentals.  It is very important to us to devote our full attention to our scheduled appointments.


All riders must provide a photo of their valid driver's license when filling out our liability waiver. A link will be sent after a reservation is made.


We cannot stress enough that honesty goes a long way with us. If you are honest with us about a tip or flip-over and how it happened, we will be much easier on the charges.  New in 2024: Some ATVs may be equipped with dash cams. Please note that rock pits are now off limits.

-Additional info

Our meet times are 9 a.m., 10 a.m. or 11 a.m. Please note that if we have other reservations booked already, we may ask that you arrive at the same time as that group. Booking in advance is highly encouraged to get your preferred start time!

  • Gloves are highly recommended for grip on the handlebars and can be rented for $5.00/pair. These are dipped gloves/gardening style.

  • Backpacks are recommended for carrying personal belongings. Backpacks are available to rent for $5 each.

  • For assistance during your ride, please call or text us, we will be happy to assist you. 

  • Reading the ATV Safety tips guide (link above) is required prior to renting. It includes many great tips and tricks for keeping your ride safe.

Walker Valley Rentals Rules AND Walker Valley ORV Park Rules

  • Only adult riders (18 years and older) who have signed the Equipment Rental Agreement and Release of Liability Waiver shall operate any ATV or other rental vehicle/equipment.

  • There must be someone 25 or older in the group.

  • Helmet must also be worn at all times including in the parking lot. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • It is the rider’s responsibility to dress accordingly to weather conditions at the time of their reservation. Long pants/jeans, long-sleeved shirts and over the ankle boots are highly recommended even during warmer months. A rain jacket is always recommended! You need to be able to shift with your left foot. If you arrive unprepared we cannot allow you to ride our ATVs due to safety reasons. (Example - believe it or not, we have had people show up wearing high-heels and/or wedge style shoes, etc or wearing shorts, even someone showed up with a cast on their foot ;)  )

  • NO PASSENGERS ARE ALLOWED ON THE EQUIPMENT. NO RIDING DOUBLE ON ANY EQUIPMENT. Any photos you see on Google with a minor are of the client bringing their own kid's quad and the adult renting our quads.

  • No reckless driving. Keep speeds low and safe! We know many people in the riding community. If we find out you are riding reckless, we will charge additional. We have no exceptions when it comes to safety.

  • Yield to non-motorized users.

  • Do not ride in or through streams or wetlands.

  • Stay on designated and signed trails and forest roads.

  • Do not harass wildlife or domestic animals.

  • Do not build new trails or expand or widen trails.

  • Do not block gates or vehicles or otherwise impede traffic.

  • No Equipment use after dusk.

  • No driving on county (paved) roads.

  • Do not tow other ATVs/Trail Bikes or any other vehicles/equipment with the Equipment, and do not have anyone or any other ATV, Trail Bike or other vehicle/equipment tow the Equipment.

  • Do not participate in any race or other contest involving the Equipment.

  • No alcohol consumption or drug use before or during use and possession of the Equipment.

  • Be aware of other riders and vehicles. Conditions can become crowded. There is a 15 MPH speed limit on the "main line" (Peter Burns Road- main dirt road).

  • Do not park and leave Equipment unattended.

  • There are no refunds for early returns.

  • Equipment shall be returned on-time or additional fees will be charged.

  • Damage to equipment or bodily injury must be reported immediately, no exceptions! We understand things happen and will be more willing to work with you if you are up front and honest about how the damages occurred.


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